This project involved...

Creating and executing a go-to-market strategy that generates interest, drives sales and builds relationships with a growing network of equestrian businesses.

Writing SEO friendly content for web pages, blogs and social media platforms that reinforces company brand.

Managing all social channels (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, & LinkedIn) running both organic and paid campaigns.

Producing digital content (images & videos) for product marketing campaigns.

Growing a steady presence and following on social channels as an industry expert.

Consistently achieving a weekly reach of 12K+ on Facebook without using paid advertising.

Writing B2B and B2C outbound email campaigns.

Liaising with media outlets and writing press releases.

Producing Help Docs and 'How-To' guides (text, audio & video) for onboarding clients.

Effectively using Content Management System (Later) for social media scheduling.

Watch my marketing video for the “All For One & One For All” campaign…

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